How one hotel become nomad friendly: with food and everything else

Maybe you heard about the Hotel Amfiteatar and their nomad story? It is probably the first one that offers help to digital nomads even before they get to their destination.

Buddy for all your needs

When you show the interest for coming to Pula and staying in Hotel Amfiteatar, you get your nomad buddy.

Buddy helps you with administration needed to get in the country, informs you about destination and things to do there, and finaly makes your stay great experience, once you come to Pula. All of that is free. Of course, if you book this hotel for a long stay.

Nomad friendly stay

The hotel owner, Deniz Zembo, himself, worked and traveled all over the world. His best experience was staying in London, where he entered his culinary adventure.

After settling in Pula, and starting the hotel and restaurant, he wished to bring that international vibes to Croatia.

The Hotel Amfiteatar is nomad friendly and staying is suitable for digital nomads. Guests get discount for staying over a month, the rooms have a work desk and ergonomic chairs, there is coworking corner and big terrace perfect for work on laptop, we have casual restaurant and street food or you can choose DIY room service.

Nomads food story

Like every other niche audience, digital nomads have their needs. Living in a hotel room with no kitchen for a month can be challenging. Also the costs of constantly ordering in or dining out are pretty high. How did the hotel respond to this challenge?

Deniz says they wanted to make a diverse menu bearing in mind that nomads usually book long term stay. Since the hotel has own casual restaurant and street food this was an easy task. Digital nomads on their disposal have large choice of meat, fish and pasta dishes. The hotel Amfiteatar is unique because of rich vegan and vegatarian friendly menu.

Even further, since many people have eating disorder problems and food related illness, like celiac disease, Hotel provides guests menu related with their needs.

DIY (do it yourself) room service

Despite diverse and tasty food, some expats can’t afford cost of constantly dining out. The owner says they introduce DIY room service for guest with a small budget. That is simple food preparation options in rooms: a cutting board, cutlery, plates, bowl, tea towels etc.

Check this link for more information about this nomad friendly stay.

Pula, Croatia

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