First hotel with halal certificate in Pula and Istria

Hotel Amfiteatar is first and only hotel in Istria that has a halal certificate. This is one more step closer to fullfiling guests needs and to getting better every year.

Halal certification confirms that the hotel and restaurant Amfiteatar offers a service according to the halal standard. What that means? That is, during the preparation of food care should be taken not to mix with food that is not in accordance with rules.

The certificate was handed over to the Hotel Amfiteatar by Aldin Dugonjić, head of the Croatian Center for Halal Quality Certification from Zagreb. It is a specialized institution of the Islamic Community and the only authorized institution in Croatia for issuing halal certificates.

Raising need

Because of pandemic all those living in the European Union, and otherwise traveling to countries like Turkey, would now turn to come to Istria and look for a halal type dishes.

The main goal is for the guest to receive a service they will have no doubts about, to feel comfortable and satisfied and to recommend the service to others.

As for the rooms in the hotel, they will have elements that are needed by people of the Islamic faith. For example the sajdah, a floor mat that is used by Muslims to perform prayers. If the room has a mini bar alcohol is excluded.

Food story

Considering that hotel already have gastro tours and cooking classes for tourists this is an big addition to their gastro offer.

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